Make Rs. 8000 monthly writing 100 words YouTube Comments from Phone (Explained in 10 mins)

In order to make Rs. 8000 per month writing 100 words YouTube Comments, one has to follow 5 steps below:

  1. Write a HELPFUL and USEFUL summary in the comment section of a video (under 100 words).
  1. Gathering atleast 1000 likes and 200 positive replies from the subscribers watching the video.
  1. Creating an article on the video where you have received maximum number of likes and positive replies.
  1. Contacting and convincing the YouTuber of the channel, through LinkedIn, Facebook or email saying that you can create a BLOG on the YouTube videos that he is uploading.

(by sending the sample article created in step-3 above along with screenshot of comments which received maximum likes and comments)

  1. Now write blogs on his website and charge atleast $10 (Rs. 800) for writing a 1000 words article or $5 (Rs 400) for writing a 500 words article…🤑

Let’s look at each step in detail.

But before that here’s a bried background of who am I (for those who don’t know me) and why should you even read this below:

Who is Sanat Biswal (Chartered Accoutant and Chief Blogging Officer of Mokinys)

I am a Chartered Accountant who had success with casual BLOGGING in 2015, writing 7 articles on CACLUBINDIA.

I am also the Chief Blogging Officer of Mokinys” as well, meaning I am the one who writes all articles myself.

My article had gone VIRAL in just a week and brings a TON of views till today and I had received LOT of emails within a short span of time for that.

But, I have been working professionally on BLOGGING since 2020 and here’s some results I am getting:

The average engagement rate is beyond 4 mins, which means the readers are staying engaged on the content and LOVE to read more from my site.

Here’s another site which has just started to RANK on Google..

The bounce rate is JUST “2.35%”, there’s a reason of WHY I am getting the results.

But more importantly there’s a BIG REASON of how I can help you make money with what I have learned so far.

Okay, now that you know me, let’s read on with the plan we have in hand

STEP – 1

Writing a HELPFUL COMMENT for the subscribers watching the video

Watch a video of any content creator of your choice and write a helpful summary of the video which you watched.

As an example, this video talks about 21 year old village boys who are earning 60Lakhs/Month WITHOUT investment.

When I watched this video, I wrote in the comments section 5 points which was most useful summary of the entire video (under 100 words).

This comment was “PINNED” by Pawan Agarwal sir, who is the “creator of the channel”, and he has also “Liked” the comment stating:

“Super amazing analysis, This is where I want my audience to reach♥”

This means he LOVES my way of writing summary of the video which is reflected in the comments section.

This comment has got 155 likes and 26 replies as well so far.

*** Pro Tip – Take reference of the CHAPTERS section of the YouTube video to write a good summary for your comment.

Image Source: Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal

This is the END OF FIRST STEP of the process.

Let’s look at the second step.

STEP – 2

Target to get atleast 1000 likes and 200 positive replies 

This is the second step in the process.

START COMMENTING on all the videos that you watch of the content creator and keep improving your style of writing summary in the comment.

You will notice that with each comment your style is improving and will be able to understand what you need to write about.

The main GOAL in this step is to to maximum likes and replies as possible (preferably 1000 👍 and 200 replies).

If you achieve this GOAL, the channel creator (YouTuber) will take to take NOTICE about your comment.

You even have a chance to be featured on the channel of the creator, just like Shivam, watch below.

Let’s move to STEP – 3.

STEP – 3

Start writing an article on that video where you have received maximum likes and replies

Have you ever written an article before?

If you think, NO. Then, you are wrong!!!

Everyone knows how to write an article, its just that we have never tried it professionally.

Here’s a sample table which says the number of words of article you have written (based on writing 5,10 or 15 comments) for 1000 likes and 200 replies:

No of comments (for 1000 likes and 200 replies)Total No of words (100 words per comment)
5500 words
101000 words
151500 words

You see just by writing 5 comments of 100 words each you have already written 500 words long 1 ARTICLE.

Simply 5 comments. We write regularly atleast 10 – 20 comments of 20 words (total 400 words approx) each on all videos we watch, isn’t it?

In this step, basically find that 1 video where you received maximum likes and replies and write a good content explaining all the things discussed in your own words.

*** Pro Tips

  • Use the SAME title for your article as used for the YouTube video that you watched.

Image Credit: Learn and Earn with Pavan Agarwal

  • Take help of TIME STAMP to create your HEADINGS for the article.

Image Source: Learn and Earn with Pavan Agarwal

Let’s go to step – 4.

Step – 4

Contact the YouTuber on social media platforms or email giving a suggestion to write articles on the videos they publish

This is REALLY an IMPORTANT step, and you need to follow certain things while reaching out to YouTubers.

Now 3 things that can happen are as follows:

  1. YouTubers who don’t have a BLOG may ask what is the requirement of a BLOG.


First thing is you can explain the benefits of having a blog to the YouTuber over email by saying that YOU yourself got to know about MOKINYS reading a BLOG.

Now Mokinys doesn’t have a YouTube channel at all.

So this means one can get to reach people and build followers even without a YouTube channel.

There are a lot of benefits about a blog, besides making HUGE MONEY online..🤑

Here’s a sample video which says how much money you can make creating blogs:

Video credit: Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal

Why will people watching YouTube videos read a BLOG?

Besides this, the YouTuber may ask, why would anyone watching a YouTube video read a BLOG or rather who reads a BLOG.

Well, you who is reading this is already on a BLOG and you get some information from the blog.

Besides, here’s another video which explains why having a BLOG + YOUTUBE is a deadly combination to make money online.

Video Credit: Learn and Earn with Pavan Agarwal

In this video, StarGyan, the guest of the show earns up to Rs. 7,00,000 per month making YouTube videos + Writing BLOGS as well.

He makes a MAJORITY of money from the BLOGS.

Watch this to learn more…

  1. If they agree to create a BLOG, they may ask how to create a BLOG and who will do it.


This is really an EASY step, a BLOG simply requires a HOSTING and an DOMAIN to start. 

Refer to the video here…

Video Credit: Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal

You also tell them that you will help them create a BLOG and create a blog just from your mobile while watching the above video.

(In this way you learn a new skill, i.e. “Creating Blogs or websites” and you can charge money for the same services to others).

  1. For the YouTubers who already have a BLOG they will definitely accept your proposal to create a BLOG

As you already have a lot of likes and positive replies from the subscribers of the channel, the YouTuber will be more interested to work with you.

Here’s why…

  • Your style of writing is liked by his subscribers from the comments that you write on the channel, which means you can write better content than others.
  • Since YOU reached out to him asking for writing an article, he knows you are showing sincerity to work for LONG TERM.

Now comes your turn to reach out to the YouTuber from the following sources:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Commenting on the YouTube channel

The best way to reach out is through LinkedIn and contact them directly over there.

LinkedIn is a professional forum where people reach out to each other for professional purpose.

Look for the description section to find information related to all social media links where you can reach out to them.

Here’s an image why you should approach through LinkedIn…

  • OR  – 

Another approach to contacting the YouTuber is looking at the “About” section of the channel creator.

Here you find the contact details for “business inquiries” and you can send an email to them.

Remember while reading out to the YouTuber, you need to CONVINCE properly why BLOGS are important.

Give a reference of the STARGYAN video to learn more…

Let’s go to STEP – 5.

Step – 5

Start writing blogs and make atleast Rs. 8000 per month 

Below are the charges for HIRING a FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERS from Fiverr.

For writing a 1000 words article freelance content writers are charging $15 each (Rs. 1200).

Source: Shabnam Mehra on Fiverr

This means if the YouTuber will not hire you and hires a freelance content writer, this is what they will pay, i.e. Rs. 1200 per 1000 words article.

Now you may think, they are better writers and the YouTuber may hire them.

Well, they may be better writers, but you are the BEST WRITER for the YouTuber. Why?

Because, the subscribers of his YouTube channel like your comments and give positive replies and comments on your comments.

This means there is also a HIGHEST CHANCE that they will also LOVE READING the same video on the YouTuber’s BLOG, if its written by “YOU”.

So, there’s almost 100% chances of you getting to write the content for the YouTuber and making money in the process.

Now here’s how much you can earn Rs. 8000 per month:

No of Articles
(1000 words per article)
Money Earned 
(Rs. 1200 per article)
1 article (1 video)Rs. 1200 
5 article (5 videos)Rs. 6000
10 articles (10 videos)Rs. 12000

End of Step-5.

Let’s see the questions that you might have in mind…

What are the benefits of making money writing YouTube comments?

Here are the DIRECT BENEFITS for YOU:

  • You will START EARNING upto Rs. 8000 per month JUST by writing YouTube Comments writing roughly 6 articles (worth 6000 words).
  • You DON’T NEED to think about what topic to write for as its the JOB of a YouTuber to upload videos for you to write articles.
  • You will start earning this money simply COMMENTING which is a regular day to day work for all people in the world, we do it everyday. This requires ZERO skill.
  • There is ZERO competition in the market as there are millions of videos uploaded everyday and NOT ALL have a BLOG. You have PLENTY of opportunity to work and grow.
  • You HAVE a chance to be a part of BIG MOVEMENT to help with growth of country (explained below)

Here are the INDIRECT BENEFITS for YOU (which is BIGGER than DIRECT benefits):

  • You will grow a community of followers of people whom you will teach all will learn from here ONE day.
  • You can help your friends and loved ones who are looking to make money, and this is ONE of the EASIEST jobs in the world to learn. 

(So start SHARING this ARTICLE WITH OTHERS on WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM, YOUTUBE COMMENTS, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM to reach as many as possible because as more of you help me out the more we can grow together).

  • You will HELP to boost THE economy of the country by Helping yourself and others earn money and grow the GDP.
  • You can later on BUILD your own BLOG and brand and start doing any business of your choice taking help from the money you earn and followers you gain from here.
  • You have a CHANCE to help somebody one day by giving them an opportunity to earn , JUST Like I have the opportunity today.
  • You will help your favourite YouTuber by providing a valuable content in the form of your writing and MOTIVATE them to work HARDER for more USEFUL videos 

(more videos = more articles = more money)…🤑🤑🤑

  • You can ONE day create a course for this and MAKE MONEY teaching the same to others (the more you teach, the more you grow).
  • You will become a better content writer with time and YOU can switch to FREELANCING content writing on Fiverr or Upwork as well.
  • You will be able to compete PROFESSIONALLY with OTHER CONTENT WRITERS demanding HIGHER pay rates..🤑🤑
  • You will get a chance to MENTOR OTHER PEOPLE who JOIN after you with the same techniques that I will explain you over time. 

What if the business model doesn’t work?

Here’s what you are thinking,

What if others find this model and I will not be able to work.

YouTube is a MASSIVE industry where millions of videos are Uploaded everyday.

Lot of channels DON’T have a BLOG and they don’t even know about it.

Many DON’T WISH to start a BLOG as they think it is difficult (which is infact EASIEST skill of all).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, people will NEVER STOP WATCHING videos on YouTube.

Infact, if YouTube stops working (which is NO POSSIBILITY) just like TikTok then something else will come and content creators will switch there as well…so this business model has never ending process.

So this will be a EVER growing MODEL and one can BENEFIT HUGELY from this.

People will get to earn some money those who are UNEMPLOYED and MANY will benefit from this (if they are willing to work and learn).

BEST thing is YOU are the first ones to start this movement in the country.

We haven’t even talked about regional language videos, platforms such as Instagram, MX TakaTak, Facebook where every content creator is TRYING to grow.

YOU can be the one to help them GROW with the skills you will LEARN FROM HERE.

So, what should be your next plan of action?

What should you do now? Plan of Action

Here’s 2 ways on how you can start working to make Rs. 8000 writing YouTube comments from phone today:

Start creating YouTube comments on the YouTuber’s platform and start earning money online.

This is the best approach and one of the approaches where you will learn the most.

BUT, here’s the problems you will encounter….

  • Not all the comments will give the best results as you wish, ONLY comments written an orgnaized manner will help achieve RESULTS (just I showed earlier).
  • Ability to SUMMARIZE things is a SKILL which requires having little bit of writer’s mindset (just revealed earlier).
  • Writing BEST ARTICLES also requires a little bit of unique approach when it comes to deciding headlines, introduction and conclusion of the articles.
  • REACHING out to the YouTuber is also an art, as a wrong message may completely mess up your ability to reach the YouTuber as well.
  • The most important THING is asking the RIGHT price for the article will also require negotiation skills (an article worth of 10000/-, but you might end up asking only 5000/-).

And there are a lot more things you will need to know as well….

Here’s what I offer to you:

👉 “I will help you learn all the SKILLS discussed above at just Rs.1000 by REGISTERING IN THE FORM BELOW ”.

👉 (You will get a Complete Guide on STEP – 1 of How to Make money monthly writing YouTube comments).

👉 [The COMPLETE GUIDE ON WRITING COMMENTS (STEP-1 ONLY) WILL BE LAUNCHED ON 10th September 2022, and provided to you on the email link provided by you].

👉 { Special Offer for ONLY THE FIRST 100 USERS who decide to TAKE ACTION and REGISTER to get discount of 10% }

To start with, I will provide you a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE covering 10 SAMPLES showing “How to start writing effective COMMENTS to get more likes and comments”.

That will be the beginning of ONLY STEP – 1 in the process.

👇 Register Here 👇

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Now you might think of this…


Here’s a Calligraphy Course which is being sold for Rs. 7,900.

This course teaches how to write calligarphy style writing, something you can learn over practice and even my UNCLE does CALLIGRAPHY as well for FREE…🙂.

But here’s the thing, people who want to KICKSTART early want to learn it quickly from someone who already knows it.

Why, because get to LEARN BETTER from someone who has already learnt.

Well, there are 2 reasons why I don’t want IT TO BE FREE:

  1. Now, I am talking to those 8% people who WANT TO DO SOMETHING BIG IN LIFE, because 92% of people WILL FAIL and WILL NOT WORK IN LIFE (as per Science).

But if you have read till here that means you are among the ELITE 8% People who want to GROW and WORK in life.

And you know one thing for sure…

“There is NO FREE lunch in THIS world”. 

This means you never get anything in life until you take ACTION for it. And if you want MASSIVE results in life, you will take MASSIVE ACTION for it.


You can either spend MONEY to earn your TIME  

  • OR – 

You can spend TIME to earn MONEY.

  1. If you don’t have money, I want you to WORK HARD and LOOK FOR WAYS to find Rs. 1000 MONEY.

This is because when you get something for free, you never value for it.

Just like, when we get to eat home cooked food prepared by mother, we never value it.

But the day we cook MAGGI for ourselves, we understand the importance of knowing How to cook for our own food (a lesson personally HARD LEARNED).

Moreover, when you INVEST Rs. 1000 for this Complete Guide for STEP-1 you will be willing to work harded to make that Rs. 8000 per month as soon as possible.

So its a 8X return on your investment (provided you take action now)…🚀.

Here’s what you will receive in the GUIDE for STEP-1 on How to make YouTube comments correctly:

  • Sample templates covering YouTube comments where I will explain in detail on how to effectively write YouTube comment for best results.
  • How to select the right videos to target for YouTube comments and how to get the best results with least efforts from DAY-1.

Besides above, the people who will register for the GUIDE will also get following benefits:

  • Necessary tools and softwares to assist you in the work.
  • Ways you can reach to INTERNATIONAL BLOGGERS and have an opportunity to EARN MORE just from 1 IMAGE.
  • Private Telegram Channel where you will get to DISCUSS with others on strategies and concepts discussed.
  • The guide will be updated on REGULAR BASIS and YOU will be able to get to know that at the earliest.
  • How to outreach a person in the BEST POSSIBLE MANNER for get Client work.
  • Ways to create Fiverr freelancing gigs and gain more work utilizing what you will learn on such platforms.
  • Other amazing ways to MAKE MONEY besides comments on YouTube (which have never been discussed ever before).
  • How to write the content in a HELPFUL MANNER and have SEO optimization in place.

Here’s why it will be better for the people who decide to register now:

I will be MENTORING 10 people personally over video call guiding them on the steps necessary to start writing the best way possible.

***The COMPLETE GUIDE ON WRITING COMMENTS (STEP-1 ONLY) WILL BE LAUNCHED ON 10th September 2022, and provided to you on the email link provided by you***

If you have any questions drop me an email at or Comment Down below👇.



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See you on the other side..🙂

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